"...a truly joyous, celebratory work of art... brilliant homage to one of the great rock albums." ★★★★★
- The Telegraph

"A gorgeously entertaining and witty tribute to the classic Beatles album." ★★★★
- The Guardian

"The dance, like the album, is a seamless synthesis of classical, vaudeville, and psychedelia..." ★★★★
- Financial Times

"The choreography is deft and nuanced, at times skimming across the music's bright surface, at times digging deeper." ★★★★
The Observer

"Sunny and unpredictable." ★★★★
- The Independent

"...high spirited humour, eccentric charm, and a joyous musical sensibility... guaranteed to raise a smile." ★★★★
- The (London) Times

"... a bright and expressive, joyful piece... an irresistible, dream-like hour."
- made up Liverpool


“The Pepperland score is a suite of chamber music performed by some of New York City's finest iconoclasts. Half the piece is arrangements of the songs we all know, half is brand new danceable pieces responding to the strong undercurrent of classical music present on the original album.” 

"Pepperland is an evening-length work meditating on the classic Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. When crafting the original masterpiece, Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Starr and Martin took cues from classical, jazz and world music, resulting in a complex set of songs. This new score for an unprecedented chamber music ensemble of voice, theremin, soprano sax, trombone, and keyboards will tease out and elaborate on Pepper's non-rock and roll influences. Arrangements of half a dozen songs from the album will intermingle with Pepper-inspired original pieces written especially for Morris’s profound understanding of classical forms: Allegro, Scherzo, Adagio, and the blues."